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Brain Development in Autism

Infant Sibling Study
This study of very early brain development in autism has
the potential to provide important clues relevant to early
detection of autism and to discover the early changes in
the brain of young children with autism.
Who are we looking for?
  1. Pregnant moms who already have a child with autism.

  2. Families who have an infant from birth to 6 months with an older sibling with an autism diagnosis.

  3. Families who have an infant from birth to 6 months with a typically developing older sibling as a control sample.
What does participation involve?
Participants will receive developmental and behavioral assessments, an MRI scan of the brain (during baby's natural sleep--no radiation or contrast dye will be used), screening for Fragile X syndrome, and assistance with referrals for local services. Participants will be reimbursed for travel and related expenses. Assessments and MRI scans associated with the project are provided at no cost to the family, and participants will be given any new information gained upon completion of the study.
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